I know it’s just the hormones ..

I’m currently 8wks pregnant with my second child. It’s been a while since I’ve been pregnant with a viable pregnancy ( my son is 11yrs old. ) My husband and I very much wanted a child together. We’ve suffered an ectopic and a miscarriage before finally conceiving this baby.

I should feel happy, but I don’t. I feel extremely overwhelmed. I have a very stressful job ( insurance adjuster), morning sickness is in full swing, my body is achy and I don’t sleep due to waking up 800 times a night to pee. To top it off the dr let me know that I have a small tear in my placenta , doesn’t think I should worry but that’s easier said than done.

I’m sorry to bitch and complain on here but we haven’t told anyone other than my sister that I’m pregnant and I just needed a place to vent!