9ish weeks left... SO UNCOMFORTABLE!

Marisa • Momma to Rowan Maverick born 10-5-16 & Rhen Mason 11-28-18 💙

I do not remember being this uncomfortable EVER with my first. I can honestly say this pregnancy has been soooo smooth compared to my first pregnancy. I feel good, I don’t have high blood pressure this time around, I’m not constantly having swollen hands and feet. But man, I feel like this baby has run out of room already! My belly at 31 weeks is as big if not bigger than my belly with my first the day I gave birth at 38.5 weeks! My first was 7.6 lbs and I feel like this baby is going to be a monster! I honestly don’t remember my belly feeling this huge or heavy with my first. He’s also way my more active than my first was and now when he really gets to moving it makes me nauseous. My whole belly just moves in waves when he moves. My SO never felt movement and kicks like this with my first pregnancy 😂 I work at Walmart and I wear a set of keys on my vest and they rest on my belly... I’m not kidding he was kicking so hard my keys were moving when i was holding completely still 🤣