Should I call him

I and this guy have been together since April. we work together and so there is no way for us to just exit each others lives. back in may there was this girl that called him "baby daddy" on Twitter in response to him telling her happy birthday. Followed by her posting pictures of him calling him daddy. Iblew up and went crazy posting the screen shots in our work group chat and on Twitter. we moved past that and fast forward to last week. me and him were talking in the parking lot of work 2 hours after we closed and the girl pulls into the parking lot. he tells me that they were supposed to be going to a party together but he forgot. the girl lives 45 minutes away from us so that would not be an effective car pool. I freaked up and went up to the girl and asked her what the plans were he got mad and said that I was not going to embrace him and got into his car so that he couldn't leave. He then started driving around the parking lot and she started following us in the car. this continued for about 30 minutes till finally she left and he drove to my car he started yelling at me to get out of his car and what not. I sat there and stared at him until finally leaving the car. this happened on Friday which was 5 days ago and we have not spoken a single word to each other. my birthday is on Friday and I am wondering if he will say anything to me by then. i am thinking that maybe i should call him but my friends are saying that he should be the one to talk to me first. I am going to see him for the first time Thursday and I don't know what I should do.