October baby turned September baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’™


So after my 37 week appointment I was scheduled for some extra ultrasounds because baby was measuring 2 weeks behind. I got the ultrasound done that Friday when I got home from the ultrasound I had an email from my doctors assisting nurse saying the looked at the ultrasound and wanted me to come back in on Monday and most likely deliver on Tuesday (my original due date was October 12th) reason being they felt he would benefit more being out than in since he wasn’t growing anymore. So I Tuesday I got to the hospital and they started the inducing process after 10 hours I had only made it to 1cm so they wanted to do a c section I declined so we tried many many many other things needless to say I spent 37 hours in labor and ended up having to have the c section anyways but it was all worth it once I saw my precious little boyπŸ’™