Malakai Ezra is here

Erica • Official inspector gadget of glow, mommy of 3. 9-18-12 💙4-20-15 ❤ due 9-30-18💙

I had my third c section on September 25th, to bring this handsom boy into the world. He is beyond perfect, and looks just like daddy.

Surgery was ok, probably the worst c section ive had, the anesthesia wasmt working on me like it should have. I started to feel some pain during, but they kept pumping me with fentynal to get me through. Malakai was on oxygen for awhile as well, for having fluid in his lungs. (Happens a lot with c section babies) he was born at 11:50am, he was 7lbs10oz and 17.25 in long. He has super soft and fluffy BLONDE hair (he looks just like daddy) and hes just the sweetest and most chill little man ever ❤ As for me, im still in a lot of pain, i dont think my other two were this bad, but im making it. I'm still walking around and doing what i can, just at a slower pace.