Myth or fact?

Is it a myth or fact that once a cheater, always a cheater? I believe for some people it really is true but I also believe that it depends on the person (and who they're with) and timing. Age as well. I just keep seeing a lot of people on here talking about it and saying it's true but I kinda don't. I've been in a relationship for two years and around a year and a half our relationship was shhhhhiitttttt. We're both young and have a lot of growing up to do.

Although we still loved eachother the same as we did in the beginning, it was hard to tell sometimes because of all the stress we were both having outside the relationship like money yada yada. We started taking that stress out on eachother and I never fully trusted him because I have trust issues. Then we broke up and realized how awful we both felt and missed eachother so much.

But maybe a month or so after we got back together I found out that he was texting other girls for a while before we broke up and then after. After was ok because we weren't together but it was the same girls. Odd enough, after we argued and all that about it, I started to feel that I could trust him. I started to because he did all that he could to prove to me that he's completely serious and wants this to work out. He got rid of over 400 people on his Facebook (because thats what he used to cheat) and started telling the truth. I usually know the truth before he tells me so that's how I know lol. Sorry this was long but I really believe he won't do it again. Our relationship has been ten times better and we're still super stressed out like before! We've learned to not take it out on eachother. In honesty we still do sometimes but we let eachother know and then we stop

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