Karma is real.

Diablita β€’ πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» Due Dec.3rd

I don't know if you've read a previous post of mine talking about dealing my ex husband and his girlfriend over child support for my daughter. His girlfriend didn't like the fact he was giving me $200 every month (without a court order, we just had a mutual agreement) so she gave him the brilliant idea to give my daughter boxes of cereal and milk under the fake reasoning that my daughter is underweight (and she is definitely not). I ended up taking him to child support court three months ago and they ordered him to pay 367 a month πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

This girlfriend of his is very malicious and likes to try to trash talk about my little girl on Facebook. My daughters aunt can't even post a picture of her without the girlfriend commenting something petty like "She looks like she needs a good meal". Now, I don't care if you wanna talk about me but my daughter who has done nothing to you? You have some serious issues. Like that's your mans child, you know? You should at least respect that.

Anyways, my ex husband was upset about the child support ruling to the point he started threatening me that he's gonna take me to court for full custody. Mind you, he does not spend time with my baby. She sees his mother WAYYYYYY more than him; almost every weekend. She's gonna be 8 this month, so I've been a shit mom for 8 years suddenly.

I get a call from my daughters aunt on her dad's side this morning and she tells me that the girlfriend got caught at a road block the other night and she's in jail. The girlfriend is an undocumented immigrant (as is my ex husband). She has two kids, one by my ex. As much as I don't care about her, I do feel really bad for her children. A mother should be with her children, always.

But it looks like that custody battle won't be happening now.