I was that girl today😳😒UPDATE!!

Marissa • ttc baby #1

So knowing that my ovulation was set to happen this week, I tried to db with the hubby last night but he was being shitty and miserable so fast forward to today - at the office and I take an opk.. I get this

Never in all 17 months of TTC have I had a positive this strong.

I sent this picture to my husband.

I never go home on my lunch breaks because it's a 20 minute drive.

Sure enough my ass was like...

Husband is home cause he has off mondays. And here he is, laying in bed stark naked and totally ready for me.

So we got to baby dance right away and I still had an extra couple minutes to put my legs up.

Fast forward to me sitting at my desk after I get back from lunch and not wanting to stand up at all because every move I make, all the extras are dripping out of me.

But boy am I ready to just see 2 lines on a pregnancy test. So here's to the two week wait and a couple more sessions of baby dancing!


I did the same thing today and ran home on my lunch break. My boss keeps an inversion table at our office so I got on the inversion table and hung upside down for a couple minutes to get those sperm where they need to go!