Mild debate! I want opinions!!

Jordan • 11-24-17 👰🏻🙎🏻‍♂️ 1-25-18👼🏼 trying for our rainbow baby!🌈

*** sorry a bit long***

No ugly mouthing please, just options!

Hey ladies! I wanted to start a mild debate mostly for opinions. Recently I got married last November, my husband and I where raised very different. I as the very independent “do things for myself, not to rely on others etc..” and him as the “women does the cooking cleaning etc. his mother was a SAHM” before marrying we knew each other’s way, I’d come to his house he’ll clean and cook he’d do the same! He preferred to cook.

Bring on to the last year, he has hardly done anything around the house, goes to work, his moms or a friends then home to sleep. If I’m home then we’ll spend time together.

I work nights he works days so it’s hard to see each other. When I’m home I’m usually sleeping to go back to work. The house will be in a mess and he’ll complain about it, but he never does anything to help. When I am off I will spend the whole day cleaning it spotless, just for him to come around and mess it up.

Opinions needed for this:

A working man, five days one week and two the next, and me working four days each week sometimes three sometimes five.

He always states he worked all damn day and doesn’t want to clean, but expects me to get off of work in the morning and spend my day off cleaning all day and get no sleep, just to clean the house. I’ve talked to him almost daily and he says okay and doesn’t do anything about it. Or ILL DO IT LATER... help!!!