Sexually confused????

Let’s start out with the fact I just started talking to this guy beginning of July. Don’t you think that you’d be having sex all the time !!!!! Well I’ve gone over where we will go two weeks without having sex. I just had my period and it nended like on Thursday. Saw him Saturday didn’t fuck me than Sunday morning I wake up. And I say well are you fucking me before we I go. Take off my pants and I say get on top so he says oh umm I hate that position and we fuck for maybe 1 min and he stops. Don’t you think with something so new it be all the time. I’m confused am I not attractive please tell me? Should I confront him if so How? Yes he does like me but I think it’s odd not to have sex I’ve had ppl like me and have sex with me. Let’s also take into consideration he just so happen to ask my sisters best friend for nudes three weeks ago. Maybe he is just trying to take it slow but I’m confused