Has anyone ever had a 'surprise' wedding?


My partner and I are engaged and thinking of having a surprise wedding, we would do it under the impression that it's either a family get together or a birthday celebration. What we want to do is invite people along to the 'party' and then when everyone is there surprise them with getting married. The reason we want to do this is because we want our wedding to be low key and people to feel relaxed and have a fun vibe. We aren't flashy people and we have both been to lots of weddings that are high class and well....a bit stuffy and boring (defiantly not judging those who want a grand wedding as I once wanted that too). Our families are a bit of mixed bag of people and we want our day to just be stress free, something we won't be loading a ridiculous amount of money into and just have a day focused of family and love. Has anyone done something similar? And did it work out well?