Guysss I just had the best sex everrrr, so let me tell y’all EVERYTHING.

So I’ve been talking to this guy for about a week and we’ve always been really freaky with each other. Like we have phone sex, we send each other pics etc etc. btw I’m 18. So we’ve been talking about how bad we wanted each other and he said that he was gonna have a party at his house cause is parents we gonna be out of town for the weekend. YALL. I WAS SO READY FOR HIM TO DICK ME DOWN. So it was Saturday and I went to the party (aka his house) and when he saw me he instantly bit his lip. and I of course smiled like an idiot. So it was like an hour of us just talking to each other and that’s when he whispered into my ear saying that we should probably go up stairs. I WAS SO MF EXCITED.

Since I knew I was getting dick y’all best believe I was wearing the cutest lingerie ;)

so we started making out for like 3 minutes and that’s when things started getting good

he was teasing me so much I hated it but I loved itttt. so he was sucking on my boobs and started kissing me down and he started kissing my thighs and that’s when he started giving me some bomb ass head. IT SO GOOD THAT MY MF EYES WERE ROLLING BACK

And best believe I was moaning so loud ( there was loud music playing so the people down stairs couldn’t even hear me)

After that bomb ass head we started making out and that’s when I got on top of him and started riding his dick like a bmx (lol)

He was moaning also so that got me even more turned on ☺️so then I hop off his dick and started sucking it like if there was no tomorrow😏 and that’s when he came on my face and I was getting the cum off my face and swallowing it. And after that we were so tired that we just fell asleep together in his room. We woke up around the same time and that was when we did round 2

(There’s more to the story but this story is already so long I just had to shorten it)