My induction story - 10lb 8oz baby😳


I was booked in to be induced at 41 weeks + 2 days due to having SPD, and arrived at the hospital at 10.30 am. I was given a propess at 2pm to ripen my cervix and help it dilate. The midwife told me that it could be in for up to 24 hours, and that it wasn't likely to cause any contractions as it was my first baby. About 2 hours later I started to have some strong back pain, so I got on the birthing ball and me and my mum put on a film. 30 minutes in I couldn't sit down any longer, so we went for a walk through the hospital. By the time we had got downstairs I was feeling some quite strong pain, but I wasn't sure whether they were contractions as it was all in my back, so we decided to head back up. The midwife came to check on me at 5 and I was told I couldn't have any pain relief as if they were contractions 'I'd know about it'. The pains kept building and building and by 8pm I was getting them every 3 minutes or so. I was set up to the monitor and told that they were going to consider removing the propess as it could be overstimulating my cervix. At 10 the midwife finally caved and gave me a pain relief injection, as by this point I was exhausted and still a long way from being able to push. The doctor came in at around 11, removed the propess and examined my cervix, which was still only at 1cm😩 by 1am I was getting 8 contractions in every 10 minutes, so I was having no break in between them. Some were even starting just after the one before it had peaked, but they said they would leave me until 6am to try and break my waters. They managed to break my waters at 6.30, which made my contractions even stronger. Finally they let me have the gas and air🤤 I was examined again at 8 and they told me I had made no progress. By this point baby had stopped moving as much and she was obviously under a lot of stress. They gave me an IV bag of fluids to try and get her to move. This didn't work, and at 9.30 they told me that they really needed to get her out, and they would only let me continue to labour if I had made some progress. Examined me again. Still only 1cm. So they decided they needed to do a c section for the sake of baby. Surprisingly, the c section was the most relaxed and pleasant part of the whole experience😅 my beautiful baby girl was born at 10.25 am, and it was the most amazing thing ever❤️

My beautiful baby girl, Autumn Eleanor😍

Weighing in at a massive 10lbs and 8oz😮