My bf cheated on me an accuse me of giving him STD

Hello everyone,

I got an out-of-state internship, which required me to be separated from my bf for about 4 months. Not too long, he went on Tinder and hooked up with a girl on Tinder. He told me that they didn't do anything except kissing and handjobs. So when I went to visit my hometown, we had sex again. A week later I experienced having an unusual amount of discharge. Well, a month earlier, I got tested and found out that I have a bacterial infection and got treated. So after having sex with him this time, i experienced the same thing again. So today, I told him that I had something to talk to him in person, but he forced me to say it. The first question he asked me was "did you give me an STD?" And I replied "why did you say that? Did you think I'm a whore? Wasn't I the one who supposed to ask that since you slept with someone else?" Then he went on an as me if I got pregnant, and as soon as I said no. He blocked me.

I feel really horrible and feel like a piece of shit

Edit: was I wrong for asking him to go get tested because I was worried that he might have Bacterial infections, and he would be prone to get STD? Was it something that a partner should do?

Edit2: I dont know why. But I feel hurt and really want an apology from him