Turning 20 in March

Dana • Engaged to Tristyn 💑

I know trying to have a baby young is stupid to some people but I’ve never been so happy to do this. I had a miscarriage about a year ago this month and it was honestly the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever experienced. For a while after that I started birth control believing it just wasn’t my time for a baby but after a few months I hated it. My entire life I never knew what I wanted as a career but I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I would dream about what my children would look like and if I would be a good mom. My fiancé is totally on board if I do become pregnant which is totally awesome. He’s always wanted to be a dad as well and he just turned 20. Both my parents had me when they were in their 20s and they like to warn me all the time not to have a child young but they were not the best couple considering they divorced when I was three. My fiancé and I have been together for a year & 8 months and aren’t planing on getting married for another few years. I just feel like a baby would just do something wonderful for our lives!