Newborn with reflux?

Hi ladies.

My girl is 11 days old and came home from the NICU 5 days ago. We noticed she seemed pretty fussy on Saturday night and was grunting/arching her back. She finally pooped so she’s not constipated and we got anti colic bottles yesterday that we’ve started using. The nurse line at her pediatrician’s office said she can’t use gas drops until she’s at least 2 weeks old but recommended keeping her upright for at least 45 minutes after a feeding, which we’ve been doing and elevating her while she sleeps which we haven’t found a safe way to do just yet. Today she spit up her bottle around 3:45 pm. Her next feeding she started gagging up little mouthfuls of spit up periodically while she was upright afterwards. When we lay her down flat in her pack and play she gets fussy but when she’s on her tummy on my chest or in her bouncer she seems to feel a lot better and actually get some sleep.

Is it safe for her to sleep in her bouncer? She’s eating anywhere between every 2 and 4 hours so she’s not in it for longer than that each sleep. It’s the only way I’ve found to keep her elevated enough that she’s not grunting and fussy. We have a nurse doing a home visit tomorrow or Wednesday and we see her pediatrician Friday so of course I’ll be asking them about the gas/reflux but in the meantime, does anyone else’s newborn sleep in their bouncer? Is it safe?

(Picture to show off my Ellie-bean 💖)