Ok. Let me just start by saying that my nipples have NEVER hurt this bad for so many days in my 24 years of life. I have ZERO idea of what the crap is going on. 😩 I am almost to cycle day 100, but I tested yesterday and got a negative. I was SO hoping that this was a sign that I was finally pregnant but nope!

So what the heck is happening?! It’s not my boobs or even areolas, it is literally just the actual nipples that are so flipping sore. At first I thought “Wow maybe my hubs was just sucking on them a lot” but it’s been like 5 days people. And from what I can recall he wasn’t being too crazy with them to begin with... Has this happened to anyone? Is it like a random PCOS issue? Maybe my hormones are just more out of whack than they’ve ever been? Idk but I’m in a stupid amount of nipple pain. 🤦‍♀️😂