Was I wrong to be mad??

SOOOO, my SO & I have sex all the time, unprotected. I’m not on birth control, we miscarried New Years. We haven’t been trying, bc we wanted to wait a little. But 2 nights ago, he had to pull out like 3 times bc it felt like he was cumming BUT he wasn’t. He finally came but not in me (obviously not 100%, but that’s what we do, never had an issue in 5 years).

We discussed a plan B pill (which I HATTTTEEEE) anyyyways. I said I’d take one if he wanted. He said no. Later it was brought up again, I said I’d take one but I think it’d be a waste of money, he said I didn’t need to take one.

Twenty minutes ago his sister comes in & sits it on the dresser saying “He told me to get you this & make sure you take it”

Wtf?? Why would you get someone else involved in our business??? If you wanted me to take it you should have told ME & I would have gone to get it!!!!

I grabbed a towel, got in the bath & bawled while texting & cussing him.

Uncalled for & I KNOW I overacted & snapped but I apologized... but was it wrong for me to be mad at???

I could be overreacting bc my period is coming but ugh y’all 😭

UPDATE: I haven’t took a plan B in 3 years! & I just talked to his sister about it & she said his exact words were “make sure she fucking takes it”