Y'all!!! so hubby and I finally had sex for the first time since I had our baby girl. 😄 Let me say HE FUCKED ME UP!!! on our way home from getting my older daughter at school, he told me "we are straight up fucking tonight" hahahaha!! I thought he was joking because he has never ever cursed a day in our 8 year marriage, literally the first time hearing him say a curse word lol anyways I'm taking a shower 🚿 and he comes in backs me up to the wall, lifts me up and opens my legs like he's about to give me a damn pap smear, then he shoves not gently place, but SHOVES his dick balls deep in my pleasure hole as he so lovingly calls my vagina lol while chewing all on my nipples, omg I came IMMEDIATELY! we were at it in the shower for a while and he moved us to the bedroom where he ate this puss out like it was the last supper of his life! I was so pleased with him I gave him head that made his eyes roll allllllllllll the way back lol we finished off with him once again punding the shit out of my puss until his dick went limp as a wet noodle. The best 2 hours of my damn life! Now he's passed out, mouth wide open, snoring like a man who hasn't slept in 10 years lmao