When to see gynecologist?


I’ve been having irregular periods since I was 14. This year I went 4 months without a period and only last year I had a 44 day period. It was heavy and lots of clotting and eventually I fainted from it and was told I had severe anemia because of it. I was put on birth control for 7 months until my doctor took me off because I began gaining weight. Now again I’ve begun my period again and so far it’s been 11 days which is not that much to me considering my past period lengths. But I’ve noticed I’m passing bigger clots than usual and my bleeding is incredibly heavy and my cramps are worse than usual which tells me this period is gonna be rough. Basically my question is when should I get concerned enough to go to a gynecologist ? I’m worried something might actually be wrong that my general doctor can’t necessarily help me with but I also don’t want to go if its just a regular teenage problem. Any advice is helpful