33 wks + 3


So for the past weeks I had been having contractions which I kept monitoring

Then last night I couldn't take it anymore and decided to go to the hospital as a check up just to be sure I was fine

Turns out i was 3-4 cm dialated and everything that could have possibly been done to stop contractions were failed attempts finally my dr said just let her go and we'll just deliver

So here is my beautiful baby boy born 10/1/18.....4lbs he is being monitored and slowly being weaned off the ventilator...I know ingest to go home tomorrow but he will stay until hes a bit stronger

Update 10/4/18 thank you all for the prayers and well wishes

My baby has started milk feedings he is off the antibiotics used very minimal oxygen and has been transferred from a level 3 to level 2 nicu and I got to change his diaper today