I don’t know how to feel anymore 😢

So I’m 6 months pregnant already and I feel like my husband is just with me because I’m pregnant and it would look bad if he left me. The reason I feel this is because we both work opposite schedules he goes in at 7am and gets out at 4pm and I go in at 3pm and get out at 11 pm the only real times we get to spend any time with one another is Saturday and Sunday’s. Well rather then enjoying them alone we are ALWAYS at his mom and dad’s house. If we aren’t there by a certain time is mom is blowing up our phones asking if we are going to go over. Well, he defends his family over anyone and anything for example, his sister is getting married soon and she asked me to be a bridesmaid I said yes and while we were picking out dresses a lot of her other bridesmaids made a comment saying why did they have to stay in a range of dresses just because I was pregnant it wasn’t fair. It kinda hurt but I let it slide then the whole time we were there they ignored me I’d try to involve myself and nothing of course it made me feel bad I told my husband and he said it was my fault because I didn’t involve myself with them. Then also his sister is my soon to be child’s godmother and my due date is either late December early January and my babyshower has not even started to be planned for because my husband wants his sister to throw it I wanted to throw it in October to be able to buy whatever else I’d need well now I’ll have to wait for December to have it because it gets in the way of his sister’s wedding. Also I’ve been telling him for about 2 weeks that my clothes don’t fit me anymore my underwear is too tight and so are my bras they just don’t fit me and he’d rather spend 180 dollars for a dessert center piece for his sister’s wedding.. I tell my husband that I know they don’t like me because they purposely do all this. I hate the smell of fish during this pregnancy and the past 3 times we’ve been over they’ve made it I’ve told my husband they do this on purpose and they know I can’t stand the smell of fish. And while they all eat I’m sitting on the couch with my belly growling watching them eat. My husband defends them and says they are women they crave stuff.! Also, my husband works with his sister so she buys him lunch everyday even if I make him food to take. And of course I’m pregnant I crave anything he eats and he doesn’t even bother to ask me if I want anything and not just that he doesn’t ask if I’ve ate, if I feel okay I’m the one that has to inform him of everything. Or if I try and throw a fit because I want some he tells me well there’s food at the house. There’s been days I go without eating because we don’t have anything but of course he eats so that’s all that matters😢 then tonight I got home from seeing my parents and he was eating some chips and I nicely asked him if I could have one and he pitched a whole fit about it I told him never mind and he sat there and continued to eat the chips. I got away from him and he went to hug me and I told him to stop I wasn’t in the mood and he told me what was wrong and I told him that it seemed like he just didn’t care anymore and that It was making me feel really bad I started to cry and he laughed about it.... I just feel like he doesn’t care anymore and his main importance Is the well being of his family and not me and the baby i just don’t know if I can take this much longer I need a friend 😭😭😭😭