🌈Long, rough year (warning!! Long post!) 🌈


Last October me and my boyfriend decided we were ready to start ttc! We thought, oh, just no more condoms and pulling out and we will be pregnant in no time!!! Ya right....

At the same time we started ttc I noticed my periods were becoming insane. Like wayyy worse then they have my whole life. But then I found out I was pregnant in February! We were so so excited!

But something felt wrong. I couldn’t explain it to my boyfriend. I had been pregnant before, and it just felt wrong this time. Him being the loving supportive man he is, reassured me over and over everything was fine. First dr. Appointment we were told everything was great and I was due on Halloween!!! Our favorite holiday and when we had our real first date 2 years ago. It was like the stars aligned!

But things still felt off. I kept trying to push it out of my mind and enjoy this new pregnancy.

We go for the next appointment and they do an ultrasound. We were so so excited to see our little nugget!

But then, there was a sac and no baby. My worst fears were realized. I miscarried on Easter at about 11 weeks. Devastated and heartbroken. After 2 weeks we decide to start trying again right away!! We just wanted our little miracle!

But things with my body were starting to feel wrong again. Constant pain in my left flank side and back. Urgent care and ER visits later show a big cyst on my left ovary. I’ve had them my whole life so I figure this one will go away like all the others. I make a dr. Appointment and he tells me I might have endometriosis and to start taking a continuous birth control pack for 6 months to try and get me back to normal and start ttc again!!

But my body was just in too much pain. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t sleep or eat. The pain was nonstop and excruciating at this point. I make an emergency appointment with my dr. And he tells me I might have an ovarian torsion and to go to the er. I get checked out, but no torsion. Just an ultrasound that shows I have an 8cm cyst on my left ovary!!! So the dr tells me I’ll need surgery.

So I finally get the laparoscopic surgery done and my dr. Tells me I had a huge endometrioma and stage 4 endometriosis! This obviously will have an impact on fertility.

But my dr. Told me we can start trying asap!! So finally a year after we first started ttc, after all the heartbreak and pain, I have my shot at trying to have my rainbow baby!! I know the chances are super slim that we will conceive this month, but the thought of getting a positive test on Halloween when my first angel was due would be just so amazing! Sorry for the long post, I just needed to get all of this out and need all the baby dust!! Good luck to all of us! Our time will come and we can overcome anything!