Something potentially wrong with me? Need advice. Waiting to be able to get into my doctors office.

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Before I jump into this here is something you should know about my normal periods... they usually last 5 days, don’t really hurt, and they are usually pretty heavy. Well this past month my fiancé and I haven’t been trying to conceive and we haven’t been trying to prevent anything either. On Friday I had very minimal bleeding like only when I wiped and even then it was a really light pink. On Saturday morning it was EXTREMELY painful and I started bleeding some more but it was never heavy and it had some clotting. On Sunday it started slowing down and I had woken up with extreme pain in my abdomen again but there was still a few clots. Then finally that night there was no more blood, no more pain, and no more clots. The two days that had “actual blood” I never filled an entire pad and I normally fill like 6 pads. As to the clots, there were maybe only 2 medium-small ones and the rest were extremely tiny but there wasn’t a lot of those. Could there be something wrong going on with me?