Severe Morning Sickness


I make it 7 1/2 weeks, but i had an urgent ultrasound after some spotting. She dated it at 6+2 ( heart rate- 130BPM) I ended up in A&E (midwifes suggestion) on Saturday after days and days of being unable to keep any food or water down. Had to have anti-sickness meds and lots of fluids via IV. She told me not to worry about eating healthily, just to eat whatever I fancy and that the baby will take everything it needs from me. A huge relief to hear since the only things I’ve been able to eat since the severe morning sickness started are either carbs or fast food! Very difficult for me because prior to pregnancy I was a very healthy eater. ( I do have Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, so I really don’t know how much this could be affecting all of this) I was wondering if anyone else was having similar problems and any advice would be appreciated! I hope all of you ladies with morning sickness start to feel much better soon, I know I’m really struggling!

I haven’t been anywhere or done anything, other than hospital appointments in weeks. Just lying in bed all the time (seems to calm the sickness more than anything else)

Everyone around me seems to have had very mild morning sickness in comparison and are completely unsupportive! All I hear is “ oh that’s normal” “ you’ll be fine” “you’re worried over nothing” “it eases off soon” “have you been eating something you shouldn’t?” “have you tired ginger” HONESTLY.. I’ve tried everything and if one more person says it I might have to knee them!

Even after being told by the doctors in A&E that this really isn’t what most pregnant women experience and they suspect HG they still seem to be unable to understand why I’m feeling so lousy and unable to do anything. Just because “ they were able to do anything they normally would in early pregnancy” WELL, GOOD FOR THEM! Not one of them has ended up in A&E because it’s so severe either..

It’s like they think I’m making it all up for sympathy 🙄 as I had previously mentioned, I have Crohn’s which makes me very unwell normally and never receive nor require any sympathy.. so why would I be playing up on this now!

Sorry to rant but I feel I have nowhere to go 😔