Surprise Squirt..


Alright y'all its late but I needed to share.. Me and Boo got high (Good chilled out session 💯❤) We got back to my house and were both high asf but sex is calling our names lol..We were in the middle of it and I was sorta in and out of it but I felt like I had to pee..but I didnt pay attention to it cuz it felt so fuckin' good...after we finish, I get up to pee and realize I didnt have too..Im high so I laugh it off...I get back to the bed, its soaking wet.. I asked him 'what happened?' He says 'You did that' and then I feel it and its not 'watery' like pee and then I sayy 'did I squirt?' He smiles and nods halfway to sleep..Yall I dont remember ever squirting in my existence... I was fr shook but I was also amazed at him because he did it..

When youre high everything is more INTENSE and more SENSITIVE..long story short 'High Sex' is amazing lol