37 weeks looking for any signs could this be?


I'm 37 weeks. My estimated delivery date is October 24. 2nd child. No cervical checks have been performed.

I woke up to Lee and I hear a GLOP in the toilet. TMI I look its a 2inch jelly fish looking thing. I debated taking a picture but I'll spare you. No blood, just white and stayed in tacked so it looked like a jelly fish.

I've been looking for signs just like everyone else. I've had mucous discharge before, but this one seemed more like what is described as mucous plug.

To add to this I had tummy pains that resemble having to use restroom, #2. I went to restroom and dull tummy poo pains have not subsided. Very mellow. But then again I've been eating fiber cereal the last 3 days for night snack.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking, I don't mind waiting another 2 weeks for my bundle, but the signs reassure me something is happening. Progress no some sort.

So I welcome them.

Anyone else experience this without going into.labor or opposite?

Maybe just wishful thinking.