Self centered boyfriend?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 1/2 years now. I haven’t noticed this happening until about 2 months ago... it feels like every conversation just revolves around him. He comes home from work and blabs on and on about his day. He goes so into detail about his coworkers and just gives me so much unnecessary info. He could sit there having a conversation with me about comparing the differences of his coworkers or what his coworkers day was like too. Sometimes it really drives me batty. He asks about my day and I’ll start talking and then he flips it right back onto him and we go back to talking about extreme random details of his work day and then it jumps to his video games and how great that’s going. It just feels like I never have someone who’s truly interested in hearing all of the details about my day. He knows if my day goes good or bad, but nothing beyond. I don’t think I would be as annoyed sharing each other’s days if it felt reciprocated. How could I start a conversation expressing how I feel without hurting him? Has anyone else experienced something similar?