Insecure or Should I be Concerned? *LONG POST*

My bf and I have been together for almost a year. Known each other almost 2 The first few months of our relationship was hell due to the mother of his child “not liking me” but not having a reason why. My bf and I split up in June and took some space. We decided to get back together the end of July. Things were good. Over the last few weeks I’ve had this empty feeling per se. We don’t go on dates, he tells me if I want to go anywhere I have to plan it. He doesn’t take initiative in much of anything involving our relationship. I feel like I’m pulling teeth to even just feel appreciated. I help him out a lot with his business and things he needs to do. Never even a thanks. If i can’t do something he uses that against me later. Lately, he’s been asking his child mom for help. Even when I’m able and he knows it. He spent the night over there the other night because he was cooking some food for his business and he was using her pots 🙄. He text me all night trying to reassure me he wasn’t doing anything but cooking. He sent me pictures that he made sure were timestamped. I told him I wasn’t cool with that at all given the history and how she spent a year literally coming at my jugular talking stuff and always trying to break us up. I get they’ve known each other for like 10+ years but i can’t escape feeling like he has feelings for her. She’s all of a sudden been real nice the last few months and I’m very leery. I care about him but I don’t wanna walk around thinking he’s faithful and he’s got feelings for his child’s mom. What would you do? End it or stick it out. Anytime I attempt to talk to him he brushes me off, gets irritated, calls me crazy and ends the convo. Just don’t know what to do