My S.O’s “friends” hate us? EDIT!!!!

gabby 🦋 • Behavioral Psychology 👩🏻‍🏫🧠

I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

My bff and I had a little fallout. We’ve been friends since we were 12 and we get into little arguments and we don’t talk for a while and we talk again like nothings happened. We have a really close relationship. This is just something that has been going on since we were 12.

She was friends with my boyfriends supposed best friend. When her and I stopped talking for a little while, she told him that and she told them they shouldn’t talk anymore.

My S.O’s bff, we will call him E, has been in a relationship for 2+ years??? And he was flirting with my bff. He’d send her pornographic videos and all that crap.

He didn’t listen to anything and instead of not talking to her, he proceeded to talk shit about my boyfriend and I. E said that my boyfriend is whipped and that all he cares about is me and that he’s probably gay. He said I control him, said I’m ugly, said I looked 12, etc etc.

My boyfriends “friends” all have a group chat behind his back where they basically slander him and I in. They send pictures we take together and make fun of them. They make fun of him as well. They’ll text him and say that they miss him and in reality it’s just them making fun of him. It breaks my heart.

I’m also pissed off because we are all grown adults here so instead of bringing your friend of years down and calling him names saying you hate him and want to fight him, you should be uplifting him and be happy he’s happy in a relationship.

I guess I’m desperate? I do everything I can to make my boyfriend happy. I take care of him. We started eating healthier together. We do homework together. We try to get a decent amount of sleep together. We study. We talk. We are growing together and all his “friends” make it seem like I don’t do anything for him when I do. It’s upsetting, ladies. :(


Turns out my “best friend” was the one spreading lies about me saying I cheated on my boyfriend.

This bitch is retarded knowing damn well I’d never leave him. He even LAUGHED at that comment because he knows me way too well. We spend every waking moment talking to each other, FaceTiming, etc. I swear some girls are just so jealous and always want to tear you down!!