In Law and I’m thinking about starting a family

So my mother in law has caused a lot of issues for me and my husband since before we have gotten married. Now I’m thinking about starting a family. Every time I have confronted or have spoken to her in regards to statements she makes she always denies having a problem with me. Just a week ago she was telling people my husband doesn’t want children. Yet my husband tells me and asks me when I will be ready. Now I am considering bringing a baby into this world and I’m not sure how it will turn out between his mother and I. I know I should allow her to see or even babysit the baby because that’s their grandparent I just do not want this negative animosity following me around for the rest of my life. Any ideas on how I can approach her with the idea of squashing or boundaries on when my husband and I are pregnant?

We all know daycare prices are no joke. & if she offers to babysit full time I feel like she may end up throwing it in my face at some degree....

What to do???