I’m so scared to tell my parents.

I just found out I’m pregnant. I live with my bf of 3 years. We do plan on getting married, but obviously we have bigger things to plan on now.

I will be 23 in November. He is 23. So we aren’t just “young, dumb teenagers.”

My parents got pregnant with me at 15/16. They got pregnant with my sister 9 months later and then they got married when my mom was 5 months pregnant with my sister... so they didn’t do everything the “correct” way.

I am in school to become a teacher, I have about a year and a half left due to not being able to get financial aid, and having to pay out of pocket for it.

Boyfriend is a welder on the pipeline so he makes decent money and I make about $2000 a month.

I don’t believe we will be “struggling.” I know we can do this, and I’m excited for this with him.

I’m just really scared to tell my parents.

My sister got pregnant when she was 19. She got married abruptly a few weeks before she got pregnant. (Army for you, lol.) and my parents were not happy with it AT ALL. I’m not sure if it’s just bc she was young and it all happened at once and they didn’t even think anything out or what. She is now 9 weeks pregnant with her second, and they weren’t thrilled.

I feel like I’m in a completely different situation than her. No, I may not be married but I’ve been with this man for 3 years and I know I will marry him when we get the chance, I have other priorities now. I do have a college degree. I do make decent money and I do have the support I need.

I’m just so scared to tell them.. I feel like they’re going to be disappointed or mad and I don’t know what I’m going to do if that’s how they react because I know my mom stressed my sister out her whole pregnancy the first time. (She lived at home bc her husband was deployed the whole pregnancy.)

What should I do? I want them to be happy, and genuine. Like I want to be able to announce to them and get happiness, not how they reacted with my sister.