This sounds ridiculous in my husbands ears


So this past week my babies havent stopped crying. I was just breastfeeding and nothing else. They were nicu boys so i had to teach them how to breastfeed when theh got home. Took a good minute but they got it. I was happy, they were happy. I finally got to bond the way i wanted to with my twins, the way i wanted to with my first but couldn't. Well this past week they wouldnt stop crying unless they were feeding off of me. And i thought cluster feeding, done it once i can do it again. But this time was very bad. I couldnt sleep, eat, shower, or have any moment to myself and take care of my one year old. My husband and i were going crazy.. finally switched and tried formula, they have been quiet, sleeping, happy babies again. Im just very down i guess i can put it. I really dont know how to describe how im feeling. Depressed, sad, in a deep dark hole that im trapped in. I really dont know. And its not just from not being able to breastfeed, theres a ton of other stressers in my life. His parents shit marriage and putting it on myself, baby mama to my husband's first 2, their first year of school, just a ton going on. I know im going on and on but my husband tells me ill just get over it and life will go on. I just needed to vent kinda..