Getting frustrated feels like it’s taking forever

Alex 11/24/12 🎀 9/30/14 🎀 due with #3 July 2019

We’ve been trying one year for our 3rd. With our first two we got pregnant right away our youngest just turned 4. I’m only 30 and I just don’t understand it. My doctor put me on BC for 3 months and I’m finally off of it. Is it true that it can easier to get pregnant right after coming off BC?

My doctor also said she wants hubs to get checked (catch they only do 3 days a week only between 10-12) and he can’t take anytime off due to his work schedule and she wants me to a see a specialist if I don’t did get pregnant in the next 3 months. Is there anything else I can do to help? We use preseed and did with our last two as well. I haven’t tried the the instead cups. Do they work? Any ideas is greatly appreciated.