Help me!!! Totally freaking out!


So yesterday I had a bad day and was in the bathroom all I felt crampy thinking its from diaherria. Well one of the times I peed amd wiped after I got this super elastic mucus like you could pick it up off the toilet paper elastic. It had no smell and i wasnt sure but it scared me because im 13 weeks pregnant. I hadnt had a chance to hear my babies heartbeat yet and i thought is this my mucus plug and i totally lost it. I called my midwife in a panic and she had me come to her home because if i was gonna miscarry she wanted to be sure. Well i got there and she found the heartbeat right away and it was strong and she said if i start bleeding to call. Then this morning I was thinking about the only time ive ever seen my mucus like that is when I ovulated right before i got pregnant. Its the one and only time I ovulated where i actually understood the mucus. Before i got pregnant i have pcos and i had to take femara to get pregnant.....from my understanding your body stops you from ovulating once your the heck do i have these???????

Those were taken literally 5 minutes ago. They are positive opks. 13 weeks pregnant and so im so confused.....does this mean I can get pregnant while I'm pregnant like another baby could fertilize implant and grow and have a different due date?