Pulsating & Sweeping Sensations


I’m 19 weeks pregnant today with my first baby. The last couple of nights – and right now! – while I’m sitting in bed I’ve started feeling sensations in my belly different to the twinges or stretching I’ve felt before.

They aren’t how I imagine a fluttering or popping or gas sensation to feel like or ladies talk about having.

It’s like a gentle pulsation that’s strong enough to feel without touching with my hands. (Sometimes when I do touch I can actually feel my actual pulse rate in my tummy now!).

Then I can also feel a ‘sweeping’ sensation, like a finger running across my tummy from the inside.

Is this the baby moving? Has anyone else experienced these kind of sensations?

I’ve also noticed that I think my baby likes sitting on the right. My left-side tummy feels soft and, well, flubby; whereas on the right it feels harder and there is a definite pressure if I press gently. Though often after I press it changes slightly too.

Has anyone had that?

(After months of feeling sick and a few negative reactions from friends, this feeling is making me feel properly excited for the first time. Also I’m so glad and thankful for the forums on here I love reading all your stories and I’ve learnt so much. So if you are reading this – Thank you!)