They stole my money

Aimee • Mom of 2 💜

Sorry for lack of grammar I’m just pissed

I’ve received SSI checks since I was little for being blind and my parents have always had control over it because of my age my dad was always the payee

But now that I’m 18 I’m working on getting the checks deposited into my own account and I made an agreement with my patents that they’d give me all my money at the beginning of every month

I gave them most of the money the past couple months until my dad got his shit togeuygrfvand because Jay want here yet. But this month my dad tried making me give him $500 to help pay his rent and I told him no and he got super defensive over it and said I’m obligated to help them. After that he gave me what I thought was all my money but it was only $720 and I’m supposed to get $770. I called my mom to confront her and she says she spent my money on gas but she gets her own money as well and she said she’d pay me back in 2 weeks but I’m still pissed. I have a family now and a baby I need to take care of and it pisses me off that I carefully make a damn budget and now I have to work around it because they spent my money.

Let me add that they hate my bf and they exclude him from everything. They hated the fact that I moved out and my mil thinks it’s because of the money because they would’ve found a way to manipulate me to give them money. My dad even posts indirectly about him on Facebook and my mil and I think it’s childish.