First dr apt blood draw?


So this is my 3rd pregnancy. My first two I never had a blood draw for hcg levels. I did move after my second baby so it’s a whole new doctors office so I’m not sure if it’s just their normal routine (I should have asked but they seems so causal that I didn’t second guess it until now) but they did a blood draw to test the hcg levels and I go back in a day or two to retest to see if they are doubling. Is that normal? I peed in a cup (which was how I confirmed at the dr office for my last 2 babies) but they didn’t say it was neg or positive, just went on to saying I should be around 4 weeks and that they would do blood work. My questions are : is the routine at your dr office? If so: how long did it take to get the results? And what were your levels? I’ve taken SEVERAL tests and they are bold now so I’m not worried about progression. I’m just confused at the process.