*long* scheduled c setion


It's October 2nd and my alarm goes off at 5 am to prep for my c section. I shower, brush teeth, remove my jewelry, and put on comfy clothes. I grab my "go bag" and head to the hospital to register. I check in and head to the OB department. My mom meets me at my room as I change from comfy clothes to hospital gown. I get my labs taken, routine questions answered, paperwork filled out, iv start, and so on.

My doctor checks me out and discusses options for a tubal. My husband arrives and we finish prepping for the surgery. I'm given some meds. Then a few minutes later I'm whisked off to the surgery department. I fill out more paperwork and everyone talks to me about risks and what is going to happen.

I'm in the OR room and get a spinal. I start to go numb fairly quickly. It didn't even hurt. My husband and mom are with me. And they surgery begins. The doctor and staff tell me what they are doing and how things are going. It was really calming even though I felt pressure in my head. I got a nauseous and the anastegiologist got me some meds and gone.

The doctor pulls my baby boy out. She states he is a big boy! With big hands! She talks to me about the placenta being big, too. He cries a sweet cry. The doctor tells us that some of my abdominal muscles have separated. She tells me stiched them up a little bit. My husband and mom watch the whole thing. I get to see him for a few seconds while the take him to the other side of the room to help clear his lungs and make sure he is good.

I get stitched up and my tubal. The doctor is very pleased it all went wonderfully. Next, while being stitched, the nurses put my baby boy on me for skin to skin. He latches on my boob! He nursed until I was needed to be moved to recovery.

My husband goes with our baby to the nursery and meets with pediatrician on call.

I'm in recovery. I get some pain meds as the spinal wears off - slowly - and I'm super sore. The nurses where great making sure my uterus is shrinking. After pain is managed I get to go back to my room.

I meet up with my husband, baby, and pediatrician. He did great and will be checked on regularly. I get to hold him and nurse him.

Nolan Charles 9:50am

8lbs 10oz 20in