16 months and 19 cycles


My husband and I have been trying for our second baby for 16 months and 19 cycles. We’ve tried 3 rounds of letrozole, and just finished our first of clomid. I know I’m not technically out until my period starts but it’s due in a day or two and I’m just not feeling it. I feel so hopeless of having another baby. Our daughter will be 3 next month and watching her get older and now starting to ask for a baby brother or baby sister has been heart breaking. I want another baby and so does my husband and we want to give our daughter a sibling so bad. I just feel so crushed. I have a potentially blocked ovary but they think it was a spasm. My husbands sperm count and motility were very high, but his morphology was only 3%, which I’ve been told isn’t terrible. I’ve been trying to focus on my health and lose some weight (my fertility specialist would like to see me lose 15lbs) but it feels like the stress of all this is counteracting my efforts. I don’t have endometriosis or PCOS either. Anyone been in a similar situation where there doesn’t seem to really be anything wrong and still end up conceiving?