I don’t know what group to post in... topic: thyroid meds + pumping (milk output)


I have been on levothyroxine for years for hypothyroidism. When I pregnant (last year), my dr discovered thyroid cancer. I had surgery at 22 wks, removing entire thyroid. Been playing with doses since post partum and my TSH keeps going up, despite the med increase. Problem is, when I take my thyroid meds, my milk production goes to squat. I’ve struggled with low production all along. Internet says more normal TSH, better milk production/output. But that’s not my case... last talk w/ dr was to take Reglan with thyroid med (200mcg now) but all that does is make me sleepy and I can’t care for my baby. Didn’t help my production.

Any other mamas with a similar story?

Taking levothyroxine and noticing milk production issues? Without any levothyroxine, I can get 3-4 ounces total every 3 hours. With 100mcg Levo, I get 2 ounces at most. 200mcg, I get .5-1 ounces every 3 ounces.

I’m defeated. 😔