Is he over reacting?


So me and my man are having sexual issues and I felt that when I talked to him he just got angry and would roll over and never seemed to want to try anything I said and we can't afford sex therapy nor would he go anyways so I found apps like this where I can post and get opinions/advice back it was called girlsaskguys and it was annonymous my profile only said female, age 27, from the had no picture of me or anything. Well I'm sexually frustrated and a guy messaged me whom was also annonymous and all he said is can I ask a question I said sure he said are you horny? I said yeah I'm always usually horny and that was the end of the convo. Well I left my phone open and my man saw only the message he didn't see that it was a anonymous app and that I was trying to get advice to fix us. Even though the convo ended there hes flipping out saying the convo only stopped there cuz he saw it and that I probably would have kept the convo going and sent nudes but I didnt nor did I plan on going further than that. Its not like I told the guy I was horny for him and wanted his cock all I said is yeah I'm usually always horny. So now my boyfriend is calling me a whore (in front of our kids) saying I need to just keep my legs shut and calling me a bitch. I was trying to talk calmly sitting on the couch and he was screaming in my face to where he was spitting in my face. Hes never been abusive but slapped my phone out of my hand and grabbed my arm hard enough to leave a bruise. I told him what I did was wrong and i agree with that but I feel if he is in the wrong too cuz he doesnt want to hear any of the advice that I give and wants to be pissed and act as if i did send the guy nudes or have sex but I didn't help I don't even know if the guy was white black chinese, where he was from all I saw was a username I dont even know what country hes from. My question is... is he over reacting and need to sit down and talk to me calmly like a adult and was it wrong to flip out like that or does he deserve to treat me like shit just because of that small incident. I feel bad for what I did but I can't go back all I can do is delete the app, say sorry and not to do it again.