Financial Issues in New Relationship


Hi women that support each other 💗 I love all the positive and encouraging comments you all write.

Financial couple question: so I’ve been dating my new bf for 2.5 months now. We have already gone on a road trip to Tampa and Naples from Fort Lauderdale Florida. Next week we are going to Colorado for 10 days. His dad and dads wife are also going. In December we are going to NY with his mother. My issue is that I do not have enough money to continue all these travels. He bought the tickets. Dad is covering hotel in Colorado. I used my credit card for hotel in NYC. My credit card is just to hold the reservation. We pay upon check in. I will not have enough to pay the hotel in NY. I don’t know how to tell him that I’m not financially prepared for all these trips. He mentioned once that his ex had money (when he mentioned this we weren’t dating). I come from an ex that paid everything for me.

My question is, what is the best way to share with him that I am not rich like his ex and cannot afford all these expenses that add up. That my ex covered everything for me. That If he wants someone more financially stable he needs to look elsewhere. How can I express this concern of mine in a nice way? When is it appropriate to say this?

Thank you ladies!!