Am I pregnant???

Clarice • 👨‍👩‍👧08/16/16 👼🏻11/16/18 🌈 09/29/19

So I need some help here...

So my husband and I had sex on Sept 14th and 17th and I ovulated on the 18th (sorry TMI). My period was supposed to start on Oct 2nd and no signs at all of it starting.

I took an at home pregnancy test just this morning and it came back negative (booo). My question is: is there any way I could be pregnant even though this mornings test was negative? Maybe I took it too early? Do I wait another week?


Ladies I’m getting so frustrated! 5-6 days late, pregnancy symptoms and I just “feel” pregnant and every test I’ve taken is negative. 😡😡😡I did call my Dr. on Friday and she told me if I still haven’t had my period on in the next few days to call the clinic. I’m guessing to do a blood test?