What’s it mean?!?!?😭

Kansas • I’m Kansas, my husbands name is Kyler. I’m 24 and he’s 27 and we are trying for our last baby! 😍😘💜💕u

Okay so last month I was 18 days late on my period I tested nearly every day. And I felt my period coming on about a week before it actually came. My period back in August (which was my last period) was light and only lasted 4 days. Normally my period last 6-7 days and it’s usually heavier. Fast forward to September my period never showed. I’m now 20 days late and I don’t feel like my period is going to start any time soon, but yesterday and today both I had the slightest light pink discharge and it was only directly after sex. I’ve been more sexually excited here lately, I also have this weird tingly sensation in my nipples. I’m so scared to test again because I wasted so much money last month. I haven’t tested this month but one time when I was 6 days late. Anyone else have this happen to them and they turn out to be pregnant. Or is my body just going mad and trying to change cycles on me? Because normally I’m always on a 28 day cycle and have been sense I was 13-14 and now I’m getting ready to turn 25. I just don’t understand.