Possible miscarriage?

What are the signs of a very early miscarriage? I think I may have suffered one, but I’m not sure.

7-12/13 DPO: Extreme early pregnancy symptoms (noticeably larger painful breasts, nausea, etc.) Even my husband who is generally skeptical of symptoms noticed a big different in my breasts.

13 DPO (Evening): All my symptoms seem to disappear, began to feel funny. That night, I got a huge rush of wet pink fluid down there. I’d never seen anything like that before, but assumed AF was coming.

14 DPO (AF due) Through the next morning, I didn’t really have any bleeding. Then, late morning yesterday (CD14) I was overcome with the worst stomach pain I’ve ever had. I called my husband from work asking if he thought I should go to the ER (I’ve never been to the hospital for anything in my life, so it was some serious pain). I went to the restroom and was terrified at the sight. The biggest blood clot I’d ever seen had SATURATED the panty liner I was wearing. It was horrific. I usually have a fairly light period, so it was unusual. After that incident, my stomach ache pretty much went away and I’ve had NO real bleeding at all, just some occasional pink spotting when I wipe.

Am I crazy, or is there a chance I had an early miscarriage? I hadn’t taken a pregnancy test before I began bleeding.