Lucky • Antonio James 6lbz 8 oz 10.17.15 Joshua Michael 8lbs 6oz 08.05.18 both at 38 weeks 5 days. My children are my ♡♡♡♡ Princess Zarya 5.3.21

Now most women on here are either trying for a baby, pregnant, just had a baby maybe. I just had a baby in August woot woot to us August 2018 moms. But has anyone who just had a baby gottwn their period yet... im still waiting. I had the whole thing after i had my son and everything but im still waiting and i only bled for like 2 weeks on n off after i had him by 4 weeks i had sex with my future husband, with a Condom. Just saying we use them cuz i will Not take birth control. Idc i dnt like it, makes me moody n a btch....

Anyone else waiting for their lady friend? Cuz i doNOT want to be pregnant again No thank you. I hated it each time, the only thing that makes it worth it is their cute little faces when their born. For me pregnancy suck, i barf, i hurt my back is still not right.