Help! - Low sperm count


Okay ladies! In need of some hope and advise today.

So my husband and I are super close to starting our first <a href="">IVF</a> cycle. He was asked to do another sperm test two weeks ago as the clinic wanted to check the results for themselves. (Nothing like being thorough..)

Now he’s had three of them this past year, one at 2 million, one at 8 million (all unfortunately very low) but this last one which was taken after we started our super healthy <a href="">IVF</a> diet three months ago, giving up caffeine and drinking came in at an even lower 0.7.

We just had the call from the clinic, they now want him to re test and have bloods done as once these results get to below 0.5 it can become a problem.

I’m just so confused as to how they can vary so much? And how was the worst when we were trying to be so healthy?

Feeling very downhearted today it seems like every time we take a step forwards something knocks us back , has anyone had any similar experiences with this?

Thanks xx