Does anyone have some free time to answer a few questions?


I feel like a hot mess, and I would REALLY appreciate anyone who would want to chat with me about this.

I had my last period from September 6th through the 10th, and then midcycle spotting from the 20th through the 24th. I assumed maybe this was ovulation spotting, but it had never happened before, so I wasn’t sure.

Fast forward to now: on Friday October 5th, the first day my period should have been due, I had light pink spotting when I wiped just once. I’ve taken tests every day since then and they’ve all been negative, and for the past three days I’ve had a lot of EWCM.

I don’t. Know. What. To. Do.

Is it possible to be ovulating now? Was my midcycle spotting actually a period? I really just want to lay down and cry at this point