My story 😌

Blanca • Momma of 2👧🏼🧒🏼 pregnant with baby #3 🤰🏻

I’m 22 and a mom of 2 amazing babies, and ttc baby number 3 with the love of my life!! He is not my kids father, but he’s been there more than their actual father (he sees them when he feels like it) we have been trying for 4 months now, and my period is due in a week so hopefully it doesn’t come! 🤞🏼 my amazing fiancé does everything and more for us. He makes sure the kids and I have everything we need. He notices when the kids need diapers, juice, milk, etc. He helps me get them to bed every night, and when he notices they need a diaper change he just goes and takes them to change it! Before me he has never been with someone with kids so living together was a big change for him! He works full time, and he’s more tired than he used to be when I first met him, but he wouldn’t want his life any other way! (From what he tells me lol) he’s the best man I’ve ever had, he’s 22 also and our birthdays are only 4 days apart. We both came from bad relationships and kinda built each other back up and we have never been so happy. He loves my kids as if they were his, but we want another little baby 💓💓

(Some pics of my amazing family💓)